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Welcome to "The British Tea Party," the podcast where we sit down with some of the most successful and interesting British professionals who are making their mark in America. Due to our extreme co-dependency issues this podcast is hosted by Benjamin South AND Jenna-Mae White! The hostess' with the mostess', the team with the dream, the Brits with the... OK we're done now...

As Brits living in America, we've come to appreciate the unique experiences that come with straddling two cultures. With "The British Tea Party," we aim to share these experiences with our listeners, all while sitting down with some of the most accomplished British individuals who have made America their home.

Our guests will range from the world's best golfers, CEOs, musicians, actors, and beyond. We'll explore their journeys and ask them about their experiences of living and working in America. We'll also get their take on the cultural differences, both good and bad, between the two countries.

In addition to our interviews, we will share our own insights and experiences of living in America as Brits. From the challenges of adapting to the American way of life to the joys of discovering new places and making new friends, we'll cover it all.

So grab a cup of tea if you're normal like Jenna (or coffee if you're like Ben and have been in America way too long) and join us for some engaging conversations and insight to what it's like being in America. We can't wait to share our stories and those of our guests with you on The British Tea Party! We promise no harbor's will be hurt!


Jenna-Mae White

  • Day Job: Actress and Singer represented by Hyphenate Creative

  • Dream Job: I'm doing it!

  • Worked in the entertainment industry, from PA to rising actress, auditioning for roles, touched Andrew Garfield's right hand, drinking too many iced coffees and experiencing everything America has to offer!

  • Graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts

  • Certified English woman qualifying me for also nothing other than hosting this podcast.

Benjamin South

  • Day job: VP of Production at Liquid Arts Media

  • Dream job: PGA Tour professional (never going to happen)

  • Worked in production in Los Angeles for 6 years in production on feature films, televisions, commercials, live events, festivals, live broadcasts, podcasts, distribution, development and post! 

  • Graduated from New York Film Academy.

  • Certified English man qualifying me for nothing other than hosting this podcast.

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